Union Pacific Railroad Scanner Frequencies in California

reporting mark: UP
railroad class: Class I Railroad

There are currently 76 Union Pacific Railroad radio scanner frequencies from California in our database.

Frequency Description
160.365Alameda Corridor Subdivision - MP 00 to MP 161
160.605Alameda Corridor Subdivision - MP 00 to MP 161 (Freight-only)
160.74Alhambra Subdivision - Rancho to Yuma Junction
160.44Amtrak Car Maintenance
452.0625Bay Area
160.785Black Butte Subdivision - Klamath Falls Yard to Dunsmuir
160.785Calexico Subdivision - Niland Junction to Calexico
160.515Canyon Subdivision - Keddie to Portola
160.875Canyon Subdivision - Mitchell Ave to West Switch Keddie
160.815Coast Subdivision - Coast to Lick & Caltrain Dispatcher
160.74Coast Subdivision - Lick to North Salinas
160.74Coast Subdivision - North Elmhurst to Coast
160.875Coast Subdivision - North Salinas to North San Luis Obispo
160.32Dolores Yard - Yardmaster & Switching
160.785El Centro Subdivision - MP 129.60 to El Centro
160.875Fresno Subdivision - Elvas to Need
161.55Fresno Subdivision - Need to North Goshen
160.32Fresno Subdivision - North Goshen to North Bakersfield
161.1Fresno Yard - Yardmaster & Switching
161.43Fresno Yard - Yardmaster & Switching
161.4ICTF Yard - Yardmaster & Switching
161.4Klamath Falls Yard - Yardmaster & Switching
160.32La Habra Subdivision - Pioneer Boulvard to Slauson Junction
160.32Lone Pine Subdivision - MP 431.70 to Mojave
160.515Los Angeles Subdivision - Yermo to Daggett & West Riverside to East Redondo
160.32Los Nietos Subdivision - Bartolo to Dominguez
160.8Martinez Subdivsion - 10th Street to West Haggin
160.875Martinez Subdivsion - West Haggin to East Roseville
160.515Milpitas Yard - Yardmaster & Switching
160.68Milpitas Yard - Yardmaster & Switching
160.32Modoc Subdivision - MP 552.90 to MP 445.60
161.55Modoc Subdivision - Texum
160.74Mojave Subdivision - Hiland to Rancho
160.32Mojave Subdivision - North Bakersfield to Hiland
160.32Newhall Yard - Yard Switching
160.8Niles Subdivision - 10th Street to Coliseum
160.74Niles Subdivision - Coliseum to Newark
161.55Oakland Subdivision - MP 84.0 to Melrose
160.74Oakland Subdivision - Scotts to MP 84.00
160.98Oakland Yard - Car Department
160.8Oakland Yard - Yardmaster & Switching
161.1Oakland Yard - Yardmaster & Switching
161.43Ozol Yard - Yardmaster & Switching
161.22Police (San Bernardino Area)
160.875Roseville Subdivision - Rocklin to Roseville
160.32Roseville Subdivision - Vista to Rocklin
160.35Roseville Yard - Car Department
161.1Roseville Yard - City Yard Switching
160.98Roseville Yard - Hump Switching
160.62Roseville Yard - Roundhouse
160.275Roseville Yard - Trim Switching
160.395Roseville Yard - Trim Switching
161.4Roseville Yard - Yardmaster & Switching
161.55Sacramento Subdivision - Binney Junction to El Pinal
160.875Sacramento Subdivision - Mitchell Ave to Binney Junction
160.83Sacramento Subdivision - Switching - Sacramento
160.62San Pedro Subdivision - Pacific Harbor Line
160.32San Pedro Subdivision - Riddle to Manuel Yard
160.875Santa Barbara Subdivision - CP CO248 to CP CO251
161.55Santa Barbara Subdivision - CP CO251 to Las Posas
160.62Stockton Yard - Yardmaster & Switching
160.68Stockton Yard - Yardmaster & Switching
161.43Stockton Yard - Yardmaster & Switching
160.8Tracy Subdivision - MP 80.70 to Martinez
161.55Tracy Subdivision - West Lathrop to MP 80.70
160.875Valley Subdivision - Binney Junction to East Roseville
161.31Valley Subdivision - Dunsmuir to Binney Juction
160.74Warm Springs Subdivision - Niles Junction to Shark
160.815Warm Springs Subdivision - Shark to San Jose Depot
161.1Warm Springs Subdivision - Switching - San Jose
160.32Wilmington Subdivision - West Redondo to CP Alameda
160.515Winnemucca Subdivision - Gerlach to East Switch Keddie
160.47Winnemucca Subdivision - Winnemucca to Gerlach
160.74Yuma Subdivision - Beaumont to Rancho
161.55Yuma Subdivision - East Yard to Beaumont

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Union Pacific Railroad Information

Union Pacific Railroad is a freight hauling railroad that operates 8,500 locomotives over 32,100 route-miles in 23 states west of Chicago and New Orleans. The Union Pacific Railroad system is the second largest in the United States after the BNSF Railway and is one of the world's largest transportation companies. The Union Pacific Railroad is the principal operating company of the Union Pacific Corporation (NYSE UNP); both are headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. Union Pacific is known for pioneering multiple innovative locomotives, typically the most powerful of their era.