Maryland and Delaware Railroad Scanner Frequencies in Delaware

reporting mark: N/A
railroad class: Class III Shortline Railroad

There is currently 1 Maryland and Delaware Railroad radio scanner frequency from Delaware in our database.

Frequency Description
160.695General operations

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Maryland and Delaware Railroad Information

The Maryland and Delaware Railroad Company is a Class III short-line railroad, formed in 1977 to operate several branch lines of the former Penn Central Railroad in both Maryland and Delaware, United States. These branches were omitted from the system plan for Conrail in 1976 and would have been discontinued without state subsidies. As an alternative to the higher cost of subsidizing Conrail as operator of the branch lines, the Maryland and Delaware governments selected the Maryland and Delaware Railroad Company (MDDE) to serve as the designated operator.The railroad did not own any of the track it uses until 2000 when it acquired a line between Frankford, Delaware and Snow Hill, Maryland, from the Snow Hill Shippers Association. Today, the railroad operates on 120 miles of track and runs out of a restored station in Federalsburg, Maryland.