Montana Rail Link Scanner Frequencies in Montana

reporting mark: N/A
railroad class: Class II Railroad

There are currently 28 Montana Rail Link radio scanner frequencies from Montana in our database.

Frequency Description
160.9510th Subdivision - Desmet to Paradise
160.39510th Subdivision - Switching
160.9511th Subdivision - Dixon to Polson
160.39511th Subdivision - Switching
160.33513th Subdivision - East Helena to Montana City
160.39513th Subdivision - Switching
160.3351st Subdivision - Jones Junction to Spurling
160.951st Subdivision - Laurel Mechanical Department
160.441st Subdivision - Laurel Yard
160.3951st Subdivision - Switching
160.3952nd Subdivision - Helena Switching
161.342nd Subdivision - Livingston Roundhouse
161.3552nd Subdivision - PBX
160.3352nd Subdivision - Spurling to Helena
160.952nd Subdivision - Spurling to Helena
160.3353rd Subdivision - Helena to Missoula
161.343rd Subdivision - Maintenance of Way
160.3953rd Subdivision - Missoula Yard
160.954th Subdivision - Missoula to Sandpoint Junction
160.3954th Subdivision - Switching
160.3355th Subdivision - Logan to Spire Rock
160.3955th Subdivision - Switching
160.3356th Subdivision - Sappington to Harrison
160.3956th Subdivision - Switching
160.3957th Subdivision - Switching
160.3357th Subdivision - Whitehall to Alder
160.959th Subdivision - Missoula to Darby
160.3959th Subdivision - Switching

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Montana Rail Link Information

Montana Rail Link is a privately held Class II railroad in the United States. MRL, which operates on trackage originally built by the Northern Pacific Railway, is a unit of The Washington Companies, and is headquartered in Missoula, Montana. The railroad runs between Huntley, Montana and Spokane, Washington, largely within Montana, and the main line passes through the towns of Missoula, Livingston, Bozeman, Billings, and Helena. Montana Rail Link connects with the BNSF on both ends and also in Garrison, Montana.