Pan Am Railways Scanner Frequencies in New Hampshire

reporting mark: N/A
railroad class: Class II Regional Railroad

There are currently 9 Pan Am Railways radio scanner frequencies from New Hampshire in our database.

Frequency Description
161.16Freight Main Line - Dispatcher
161.52Freight Main Line - Road
161.4Freight Main Line - Yards
161.16Hillsborough Branch - Dispatcher
161.52Hillsborough Branch - Road
161.16Northern Main Line - Dispatcher
161.52Northern Main Line - Road
161.16Portsmouth Branch - Dispatcher
161.52Portsmouth Branch - Road

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Pan Am Railways Information

Pan Am Railways, Inc. (PAR), known before March 2006 as Guilford Rail System, is an American holding company that owns and operates Class II regional railroads covering northern New England from Mattawamkeag, Maine, to Rotterdam Junction, New York. The primary subsidiaries of Pan Am Railways are Boston and Maine Corporation, Maine Central Railroad Company, Portland Terminal Company, and Springfield Terminal Railway Company. Pan Am Railways is headquartered in Iron Horse Park in North Billerica, Massachusetts.