Norfolk Southern Railway Scanner Frequencies in North Carolina

reporting mark: NS
railroad class: Class I Railroad

There are currently 94 Norfolk Southern Railway radio scanner frequencies from North Carolina in our database.

Frequency Description
160.245CF Line - Dispatcher to Train
161.49CF Line - Pomona Yard
160.95CF Line - Road
160.83CF Line - Train to Dispatcher
160.245CL Line - Dispatcher to Train
160.95CL Line - Road
160.83CL Line - Train to DIspatcher
160.245D Line - Dispatcher to Train
160.95D Line - Road
160.83D Line - Train to Dispatcher
160.245DW Line - Dispatcher to Train
160.95DW Line - Road
160.83DW Line - Train to Dispacher
160.245EC Line - Dispatcher to Train
160.95EC Line - Road
160.83EC Line - Train to Dispatcher
160.245H Line - Fetner to Goldsboro - Dispatcher to Train
161.49H Line - Fetner to Goldsboro - Raleigh Yard
160.95H Line - Fetner to Goldsboro - Road
160.41H Line - Fetner to Goldsboro - Road - Fetner to Boylan
160.83H Line - Fetner to Goldsboro - Train to Dispatcher
160.245H Line - Greensboro to Fetner - Dispatcher to Train
160.515H Line - Greensboro to Fetner - PBX - Greensboro
161.49H Line - Greensboro to Fetner - Pomona Yard
160.95H Line - Greensboro to Fetner - Road
160.83H Line - Greensboro to Fetner - Train to Dispatcher
160.245J Line - Dispatcher to Train
160.95J Line - Road
160.83J Line - Train to Dispatcher
160.245K Line - Dispatcher to Train
161.49K Line - Pomona Yard
160.95K Line - Road
160.83K Line - Train to Dispatcher
161.49L Line - Charloette Yard
160.245L Line - Dispatcher to Train
160.95L Line - Road
160.83L Line - Train to Dispatcher
160.245M Line - Dispatcher to Train
160.95M Line - Road
160.83M Line - Train to Dispatcher
160.245Main Line - Montview to Salisbury - Dispatcher to Train
160.275Main Line - Montview to Salisbury - PBX - Salisbury Area
160.95Main Line - Montview to Salisbury - Road
160.83Main Line - Montview to Salisbury - Train to Dispatcher
161.49Main Line - Salisbury to Greenville - Charlotte & Linwood Yards
160.29Main Line - Salisbury to Greenville - Charlotte Yard
160.635Main Line - Salisbury to Greenville - Charlotte Yard
161.475Main Line - Salisbury to Greenville - Charlotte Yard
161.565Main Line - Salisbury to Greenville - Charlotte Yard
160.245Main Line - Salisbury to Greenville - Dispatcher to Train
160.365Main Line - Salisbury to Greenville - Linwood Yard - Carmen
161.325Main Line - Salisbury to Greenville - Linwood Yard - Hump
161.505Main Line - Salisbury to Greenville - Linwood Yard - Locomotive Shops
161.01Main Line - Salisbury to Greenville - Linwood Yard - Maintenance of Way
160.755Main Line - Salisbury to Greenville - Linwood Yard - Pullback
160.875Main Line - Salisbury to Greenville - Linwood Yard - Pullback
160.515Main Line - Salisbury to Greenville - PBX - Charlotte
160.95Main Line - Salisbury to Greenville - Road
160.83Main Line - Salisbury to Greenville - Train to Dispatcher
160.245N Line - Dispatcher to Train
160.95N Line - Road
160.83N Line - Train to Dispatcher
160.245NB Line - Dispatcher to Train
160.95NB Line - Road
160.83NB Line - Train to Dispatcher
160.245NS Line - Dispatcher to Train
160.95NS Line - Road
160.83NS Line - Train to Dispatcher
160.245R Line - Dispatcher to Train
160.95R Line - Road
160.83R Line - Train to Dispatcher
161.48S Line - Asheville Yard
161.04S Line - Dispatcher to Train
160.56S Line - Road
160.83S Line - Train to Dispatcher
160.245T Line - Dispatcher to Train
160.95T Line - Road
160.83T Line - Train to Dispatcher
160.245TR Line - Dispatcher to Train
160.95TR Line - Road
160.83TR Line - Train to Dispatcher
160.245VF Line - Dispatcher to Train
160.95VF Line - Road
161.37VF Line - Road - North Fayetteville to Fayetteville
160.83VF Line - Train to Dispatcher
160.245W Line - Dispatcher to Train
160.95W Line - Road
160.83W Line - Train to Dispatcher
160.26WinstonSalem District - Maintenance of Way
160.44WinstonSalem District - Roanoke to Winston-Salem
161.19WinstonSalem District - Winston Yard
160.245WS Line - Dispatcher to Train
160.95WS Line - Road
160.83WS Line - Train to Dispatcher

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Norfolk Southern Railway Information

The Norfolk Southern Railway is a Class I railroad in the United States. With headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia, the company operates a route of 21,500 miles (34,600 km) in 22 eastern states, the District of Columbia, and has rights in Canada over the Albany to Montréal route of the Canadian Pacific Railway, and previously on CN from Buffalo to St. Thomas. NS is responsible for maintaining 26,300 miles (42,300 km), with the remainder being operated under trackage rights from other parties responsible for maintenance.