BNSF Railway Scanner Frequencies in North Dakota

reporting mark: BNSF
railroad class: Class I Railroad

There are currently 56 BNSF Railway radio scanner frequencies from North Dakota in our database.

Frequency Description
161.16Clifford Subdivision - Erie Junction to Clifford
160.8Crosby Subdivision - Berthold to Coteau
161.1Devils Lake Subdivision - DL Switch to Surrey
161.16Dickinson Subdivision - Dickinson to Glendive
161.1Dickinson Subdivision - Dickinson Yard
160.53Dickinson Subdivision - Eland Yard
160.56Dickinson Subdivision - Fryburg Yard
161.01Dickinson Subdivision - Glendive Yard
161.415Dickinson Subdivision - Mandan to Dickinson
160.62Dickinson Subdivision - MRAS Blue
161.13Dickinson Subdivision - MRAS Green
161.31Dickinson Subdivision - MRAS Orange
160.665Dickinson Subdivision - MRAS Red
160.425Dickinson Subdivision - MRAS White
161.1Drayton Subdivision - Grafton to Joliette
161.1Glasgow Subdivision - Bainville to West Nashua
160.92Glasgow Subdivision - Berthold to Bainville
160.8Glasgow Subdivision - Minot to Berthold
160.62Glasgow Subdivision - MRAS Blue
161.13Glasgow Subdivision - MRAS Green
161.31Glasgow Subdivision - MRAS Orange
160.665Glasgow Subdivision - MRAS Red
161.49Glasgow Subdivision - MRAS Yellow
160.59Glasgow Subdivision - Williston Yard
161.1Glasston Subdivision - Grand Forks to Grafton
160.92Grenora Subdivision - Stanley to Powers Lake
161.1Hannah Subdivision - Conway to Langdon
160.92Hettinger Subdivison - Hettinger to Terry
160.62Hettinger Subdivison - MRAS Blue
161.31Hettinger Subdivison - MRAS Orange
160.665Hettinger Subdivison - MRAS Red
161.49Hettinger Subdivison - MRAS Yellow
161.25Hillsoboro Subdivision - Dilworth Terminal
160.41Hillsoboro Subdivision - Dilworth Yard
161.1Hillsoboro Subdivision - Fargo Yard to DL Swtich
161.1Jamestown Subdivision - Jamestown Yard
160.41Jamestown Subdivision - Mandan Yard
160.59Jamestown Subdivision - Mandan Yard Switching
160.695Jamestown Subdivision - Surrey Junction Switch to Mandan
161.25KO Subdivision - Dilworth Terminal
160.41KO Subdivision - Dilworth Yard
160.41KO Subdivision - Minot Yard East Switching
160.5KO Subdivision - Minot Yard West Switching
161.16KO Subdivision - West Fargo to Minot
160.695KO Subdivision - West Fargo to Surrey Junction Switch
161.385Mobridge Subdivision - Aberdeen to Hettinger
161.355Mobridge Subdivision - Aberdeen Yard
161.31Mobridge Subdivision - MRAS Orange
160.665Mobridge Subdivision - MRAS Red
161.49Mobridge Subdivision - MRAS Yellow
160.92Moorhead Subdivision - Red River Valley and Western Railroad to South Moorhead
160.8Niobe Subidivsion - Niobe to Northgate
161.16Prosper Subdivision - JY Jucntion to Nolan
161.1Rolla Subdivision - Churchs Ferry to Bisbee
161.1Westhope Subdivision - Rugby to Bottineau
160.695Zap Line - Mandan to Beulah

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BNSF Railway Information

The BNSF Railway Company is the largest freight railroad network in North America. One of eight North American Class I railroads, BNSF has 44,000 employees, 32,500 miles (52,300 km) of track in 28 states, and more than 8,000 locomotives. It has three transcontinental routes that provide rail connections between the western and eastern United States. BNSF trains traveled over 169 million miles (272 million km) in 2010, more than any other North American railroad.