Appalachian and Ohio Railroad Scanner Frequencies in West Virginia

reporting mark: N/A
railroad class: Class III Railroad

There are currently 4 Appalachian and Ohio Railroad radio scanner frequencies from West Virginia in our database.

Frequency Description
160.575Buckhannon Yard
161.34Buckhannon Yard
161.505Buckhannon Yard
160.905Dispatcher & Road

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Appalachian and Ohio Railroad Information

The Appalachian and Ohio Railroad is a Class III railroad operating in West Virginia. Originally the Cowen and Pickens Subdivisions of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, the railroad was a part of CSX until it was leased to Watco Companies, which began operating the railroad on March 25, 2005. Watco only held the line for a short time before turning the lease from CSX over to Four Rivers Transportation, now P&L Transportation, on May 15, 2006.The railroad operates 158 miles of track between Grafton and Cowen. It has one active branch, a portion of the Pickens Subdivision that connects Alexander to the main line at Hampton.The AO's main customers are coal mines, although it carries smaller amounts of chemicals and wood.