Arizona and California Railroad Scanner Frequencies in Arizona

reporting mark: ARZC
railroad class: Shortline Railroad

There are currently 5 Arizona and California Railroad radio scanner frequencies from Arizona in our database.

Frequency Description
457.9Operations - Dispatcher & Aguila to Parker
160.86Operations - Matthie to Cadiz
161.37Operations - Mobest to MP 176
160.65Operations - MP 176 to Matthie
161.46Operations - Road Repeater

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Arizona and California Railroad Information

The Arizona and California Railroad (reporting mark ARZC) is a shortline railroad that was a subdivision of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway (ATSF). The ARZC began operations on May 9, 1991, when David Parkinson of the ParkSierra RailGroup purchased the line from the Santa Fe Railway. ParkSierra Railgroup was purchased in January 2002 by RailAmerica, the former owner of the ARZC. The Genesee & Wyoming railroad holding company purchased RailAmerica in December 2012. ARZC's main commodities are petroleum gas, steel and lumber; the railroad hauls around 12,000 carloads per year.