Bloomer Shippers Connecting Railroad Scanner Frequencies

reporting mark: BLOL
railroad class: Class III Railroad

Below are the the states we have Bloomer Shippers Connecting Railroad radio scanner frequencies for:

The Bloomer Shippers Connecting Railroad (or Bloomer Line) (reporting mark BLOL), headquartered in Gibson City, Illinois, is a Class III railroad serving agricultural communities in east-central Illinois. In June 1985, the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad (ICG) sold a portion of Bloomer Shippers Connecting Railroad's circuitous route between Kankakee and Bloomington to a new spin-off railroad company which called Bloomer Shippers Connecting Railroad'self "The Bloomer Line" (after the ex-Illinois Central Railroad division it had purchased). Specifically, the Bloomer Line purchased the right-of-way between Herscher and Barnes. The railroad has since taken the line between Herscher and Kempton and Barnes and Colfax out of service.