BNSF Railway Scanner Frequencies in Montana

reporting mark: BNSF
railroad class: Class I Railroad

There are currently 103 BNSF Railway radio scanner frequencies from Montana in our database.

Frequency Description
161.1Big Horn Subdivision - West Sheridan to Huntley
161.25Big Sandy Subdivison - Pacific Junction to Big Sandy
160.92Broadview Subdivision - Signal Peak Mine
161.16Broadview Subdivision - Walter Junction to Peaks
160.77Casper Subdivsion - Laurel to Bridger Junction
161.16Choteau Subdivision - Power to Choteau
161.01Circle Subdivision - Glendive to Circle
161.1Colstrip Subdivision - Nichols to Big Sky
160.98Copper City Subdivision - Butte and Garrison Yards
160.86Copper City Subdivision - Butte to Garrison
160.425Copper City Subdivision - MRAS White
161.1Dickinson Subdivision - Dickinson Yard
161.16Dickinson Subdivision - Dickinson, ND to Glendive, MT
161.1Dickinson Subdivision - Eland Yard
160.56Dickinson Subdivision - Fryburg Yard
161.01Dickinson Subdivision - Glendive Yard
161.415Dickinson Subdivision - Mandan, ND to Dickinson, ND
160.62Dickinson Subdivision - MRAS Blue
161.13Dickinson Subdivision - MRAS Green
161.31Dickinson Subdivision - MRAS Orange
160.665Dickinson Subdivision - MRAS Red
160.425Dickinson Subdivision - MRAS White
161.16Fairfield Subdivision - Eastham Junction to Fairfield
161.1Forsyth Subdivision - Forsyth to Jones Junction
161.16Forsyth Subdivision - Forsyth Yard
161.25Forsyth Subdivision - Glendive to Forsyth
161.01Forsyth Subdivision - Glendive Yard
160.62Forsyth Subdivision - MRAS Blue
160.995Forsyth Subdivision - MRAS Gray
161.13Forsyth Subdivision - MRAS Green
161.31Forsyth Subdivision - MRAS Orange
160.665Forsyth Subdivision - MRAS Red
160.425Forsyth Subdivision - MRAS White
161.49Forsyth Subdivision - MRAS Yellow
161.16Fort Benton Subvision - Great Falls to Fort Benton
160.425Fort Benton Subvision - MRAS White
161.1Glasgow Subvision - Bainville to West Nashua
160.92Glasgow Subvision - Berthold, ND to Bainville, MT
160.8Glasgow Subvision - Minot, ND to Berthold, ND
160.62Glasgow Subvision - MRAS Blue
161.13Glasgow Subvision - MRAS Green
161.31Glasgow Subvision - MRAS Orange
160.665Glasgow Subvision - MRAS Red
161.49Glasgow Subvision - MRAS Yellow
160.59Glasgow Subvision - Williston Yard
161.16Great Falls Subdivision - Great Falls to Shelby
160.74Great Falls Subdivision - Great Falls Yard
161.31Great Falls Subdivision - MRAS Orange
160.665Great Falls Subdivision - MRAS Red
160.425Great Falls Subdivision - MRAS White
161.49Great Falls Subdivision - MRAS Yellow
161.16Helena Subdivision - Great Falls to Helena Junction
160.95Helena Subdivision - Helena Yard
160.92Hettinger Subdivison - Hettinger to Terry
160.62Hettinger Subdivison - MRAS Blue
161.31Hettinger Subdivison - MRAS Orange
160.665Hettinger Subdivison - MRAS Red
161.49Hettinger Subdivison - MRAS Yellow
161.16Hi Line Subdivision - Columbia Falls Whitefish
160.62Hi Line Subdivision - MRAS Blue
161.37Hi Line Subdivision - MRAS Gold
161.13Hi Line Subdivision - MRAS Green
161.31Hi Line Subdivision - MRAS Orange
160.665Hi Line Subdivision - MRAS Red
160.425Hi Line Subdivision - MRAS White
161.49Hi Line Subdivision - MRAS Yellow
161.25Hi Line Subdivision - Pacific Junction to West Whitefish
161.415Hi Line Subdivision - Whitefish Yard
160.62Kootenai River Subdivision - MRAS Blue
160.26Kootenai River Subdivision - MRAS Brown
161.37Kootenai River Subdivision - MRAS Gold
161.13Kootenai River Subdivision - MRAS Green
160.59Kootenai River Subdivision - MRAS Purple
160.665Kootenai River Subdivision - MRAS Red
160.86Kootenai River Subdivision - MRAS Silver
160.425Kootenai River Subdivision - MRAS White
161.49Kootenai River Subdivision - MRAS Yellow
161.16Kootenai River Subdivision - Sandpoint Yard
160.92Kootenai River Subdivision - Whitefish to Sandpoint Junction
161.415Kootenai River Subdivision - Whitefish Yard
161.16Laurel Subdivison - Mossmain to Great Falls
160.62Laurel Subdivison - MRAS Blue
161.13Laurel Subdivison - MRAS Green
161.31Laurel Subdivison - MRAS Orange
160.665Laurel Subdivison - MRAS Red
160.425Laurel Subdivison - MRAS White
161.49Laurel Subdivison - MRAS Yellow
161.16Lewiston Subdivison - Sipple to Lewistown
161.1Milk River Subdivison - Glasgow to Harve East
161.25Milk River Subdivison - Havre East to Pacific Junction
160.62Milk River Subdivison - MRAS Blue
161.13Milk River Subdivison - MRAS Green
161.31Milk River Subdivison - MRAS Orange
160.665Milk River Subdivison - MRAS Red
160.425Milk River Subdivison - MRAS White
161.385Scobey Subdivision - Bainville to Plentywood
160.485Sharpy Line Subdivison - Kuehn Mine
161.1Sharpy Line Subdivison - Sharpy Junction to Kuehn
161.385Sidney Line Subdivision - Glendive to Snowden
160.845Sidney Line Subdivision - Snowden to Crane
161.31Sweet Grass Subdivision - MRAS Orange
161.16Sweet Grass Subdivision - Shelby to Sweet Grass
161.16Valier Subdivision - Valier Juntion to Valier

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