Kaw River Railroad Scanner Frequencies

reporting mark: N/A
railroad class: N/A

Below are the the states we have Kaw River Railroad radio scanner frequencies for:

The Kaw River Railroad is a Kansas City, Missouri railroad, established in June 2004. Twelve miles of original track served the Kansas City Southern Railroad and Kaw River Railroad's customers in Kansas City MO/KS and Union Station. The original KAW was a Kansas City Southern Railway Company property and was the first shortline Watco Companies began operating for KCS, serving customers in the Greater Kansas City area and interchanges with the BNSF, KCS, and UP. The April 2005 expansion was a BNSF property serving customers in Clay County, MO and interchanges with the BNSF at Birmingham, MO. The KCTL interchanges with the BNSF, ICE, KCS, NS and UP at Kansas City. The KAW operations office is located in Kansas City, KS and Customer Service is located in both Pittsburg and Kansas City, KS. Collectively, the KAW and KCTL handle approximately 15,000 carloads of animal byproducts, chemicals, plastics and industrial products annually.