Norfolk Southern Railway Scanner Frequencies in Pennsylvania

reporting mark: NS
railroad class: Class I Railroad

There are currently 33 Norfolk Southern Railway radio scanner frequencies from Pennsylvania in our database.

Frequency Description
160.8General operations
160.86General operations
161.07General operations
160.245Harrisburg Division - Allentown Yard
161.475Harrisburg Division - Dispatcher - Sunbury Line - Binghamton, NY to Sunbury, PA
160.305Harrisburg Division - Enola Yard
161.445Harrisburg Division - Enola Yard
160.245Harrisburg Division - Evansville
160.41Harrisburg Division - Harrisburg
160.71Harrisburg Division - Maintenance of Way
161.13Harrisburg Division - Maintenance of Way
161.43Harrisburg Division - Maintenance of Way
160.59Harrisburg Division - New Castle Subdivision - Yard
160.56Harrisburg Division - Police
160.68Harrisburg Division - Police
160.8Harrisburg Division - Road & Dispatcher
160.86Harrisburg Division - Road & Dispatcher
160.98Harrisburg Division - Road & Dispatcher
161.07Harrisburg Division - Road & Dispatcher
160.47Pittsburgh Division - Conway Yard
160.755Pittsburgh Division - Conway Yard
160.95Pittsburgh Division - Conway Yard
160.98Pittsburgh Division - Conway Yard
161.355Pittsburgh Division - Conway Yard
160.71Pittsburgh Division - Maintenance of Way
161.13Pittsburgh Division - Maintenance of Way
161.43Pittsburgh Division - Maintenance of Way
160.56Pittsburgh Division - Police
160.68Pittsburgh Division - Police
160.8Pittsburgh Division - Road & Dispatcher
160.86Pittsburgh Division - Road & Dispatcher
161.07Pittsburgh Division - Road & Dispatcher
161.25Pittsburgh Division - Road & Dispatcher

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Norfolk Southern Railway Information

The Norfolk Southern Railway is a Class I railroad in the United States. With headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia, the company operates a route of 21,500 miles (34,600 km) in 22 eastern states, the District of Columbia, and has rights in Canada over the Albany to Montréal route of the Canadian Pacific Railway, and previously on CN from Buffalo to St. Thomas. NS is responsible for maintaining 26,300 miles (42,300 km), with the remainder being operated under trackage rights from other parties responsible for maintenance.