Rochester and Southern Railroad Scanner Frequencies in New York

reporting mark: RSR
railroad class: Class III Shortline Railroad

There are currently 4 Rochester and Southern Railroad radio scanner frequencies from New York in our database.

Frequency Description
161.1Brooks Ave Yard
160.785Genesee and Wyoming Yard
160.5Hampton Corners Salt Mine

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Rochester and Southern Railroad Information

The Rochester and Southern Railroad (reporting mark RSR), a subsidiary of Genesee & Wyoming Inc., is a Class III shortline that runs from the city of Rochester in Monroe County to Silver Springs, NY. The RSR started in 1986, when the B&O sold off Rochester and Southern Railroad's Buffalo and Rochester branches. The trackage was purchased by Genesee & Wyoming Inc., and split into two railroads, the Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad and the Rochester and Southern Railroad. The Rochester branch was scrapped from Silver Springs south to Machias, New York.The RSR interchanges with CSX twice in Rochester, at CP-373 on the Rochester Subdivision and at Genesee Junction on CSX's West Shore Subdivision, where the RSR also interchanges with the Livonia, Avon and Lakeville Railroad, another shortline. Until 2003, the RSR also interchanged with the Genesee and Wyoming Railroad, also owned by GWI, in Caledonia as well as with Norfolk Southern's Southern Tier Line in Silver Springs.