Transportation Technology Center Inc Scanner Frequencies in Colorado

reporting mark: TTCI
railroad class: N/A

There are currently 14 Transportation Technology Center Inc radio scanner frequencies from Colorado in our database.

Frequency Description
452.475General operations
160.32General operations 1
161.145General operations 10
161.19General operations 11
161.205General operations 12
161.325General operations 13
160.35General operations 2
160.77General operations 3
160.815General operations 4
160.845General operations 5
160.875General operations 6
160.98General operations 7
161.01General operations 8
161.07General operations 9

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Transportation Technology Center Inc Information

Transportation Technology Center, Inc. (reporting mark TTCI), is a railroad testing and training facility located northeast of Pueblo, Colorado. It was started as the Department of Transportation's High Speed Ground Test Center to test different "hovertrain" concept builds. Today, the facility is used to test numerous types of track.