Trona Railway Scanner Frequencies in California

reporting mark: N/A
railroad class: N/A

There are currently 3 Trona Railway radio scanner frequencies from California in our database.

Frequency Description
160.32General operations
161.385General operations
161.55General operations

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Trona Railway Information

The Trona Railway is a 30.5 mi (49.1 km) short-line railroad owned by Searles Valley Minerals. The TRC interchanges with the Union Pacific Railroad (former Southern Pacific Transportation Company) at Searles, California. The railroad was built by the American Trona Company in 1914, to serve the mining company's shipping from Searles Station to a junction with the Southern Pacific Railroad. The company and Trona Railway's Trona Railway has had various subsequent owners, including American Potash & Chemical Corporation, Kerr-McGee Corporation, IMC Global, Sun Capital, LLC, before the current ownership of Searles Valley Minerals, Inc.