Union Pacific Railroad Scanner Frequencies in Texas

reporting mark: UP
railroad class: Class I Railroad

There are currently 85 Union Pacific Railroad radio scanner frequencies from Texas in our database.

Frequency Description
160.68Angleton Subdivision - Algoa to Bloomington
160.32Athens Subdivision - Athens to Sulphur River
160.83Austin Subdivision - San Marcos to Hearne
160.41Baird Subdivision - Sweetwater to Fort Worth
160.89Baytown Subdivision - Exxon Junction to Dayton
160.26Baytown Subdivision - North Shore Junction to Exxon Junction
160.515Beaumont Subdivision - Houston to Starks, LA
160.71Beaumont Yard
160.635Browder Yard
160.41Brownsville Subdivision - Bloomington to Brownsville
160.83Bryan Subdivision - West Bryan to Valley Junction
160.515Choctaw Subdivision - Fort Worth to McAlester, OK
160.665Coleto Subdivision - Victoria to Coleto Creek
160.32Corsicana Subdivision - Big Sandy to Corsicana
162.28Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex - Dallas Subdivision
160.29Davidson Yard
160.41Davidson Yard
160.77Davidson Yard
161.25Davidson Yard
161.46Davidson Yard
160.8Dispatcher - Caprock
160.74Duncan Subdivision - Fort Worth to Chickasha, OK
160.44El Paso Yard
161.385El Paso Yard
161.43El Paso Yard
161.55El Paso Yard
160.44Englewood Yard
161.4Englewood Yard
161.43Englewood Yard
161.55Englewood Yard
160.32Ennis Subdivision - Corsicana to Hearne
160.665Ennis Subdivision - Dallas to Corsicana
161.445Eureka Subdivision - Navasota to Eureka Yard
160.665Flatonia Subdivision - Chaney Junction to Luling to San Antonio
160.32Flatonia to Luling
160.515Fort Worth Subdivision - Fort Worth to Waco Valley Junction
161.28Fort Worth Subdivision - Tower to Wrenn
160.83Fort Worth Subdivision - Waco Junction to Valley Junction
160.515Fort Worth Subdivision - Wrenn to Waco Junction
160.395Fort Worth Terminal
160.68Fort Worth Terminal - Maintenance of Way
160.275Fort Worth Terninal - Dispatcher
161.115Garrett, Ney & Peach Yards
161.265Glidden Subdivision - West Junction to San Antonio
160.695Hearne Subdivision - Franklin to West Junction
160.83Hearne Subdivision - Hearne to Franklin
160.41Hearne Subdivision - Hearne to Palestine
160.515Hondo to Alpine
160.365Lafayette Subdivision - Englewood Yard to Iowa, LA
160.515Laredo Subdivision - San Antonio to Laredo
160.32Laredo Yard
160.41Laredo Yard
160.47Laredo Yard
161.115Laredo Yard
161.31Laredo Yard
161.55Laredo Yard
160.32Lufkin Subvisivion - Road - Humble to Diboll
160.52Maintenance of Way
160.665Midlothian Subdivision - Fort Worth to Ennis
160.23Miller Yard
160.335Miller Yard
161.46Mineola Subdivision - Big Sandy to Longview
161.145Mineola Subdivision - Dallas to Big Sandy
160.83Navasota Subdivision - Lloyd Yard to Valley Junction
161.115Ney Yard
161.22Palestine Subdivision - Houston to Conroe
160.74Port Laredo
160.74San Antonio Subdivision - San Antonio to Centex
160.74Settegast Yard
161.25Settegast Yard
161.505Settegast Yard - Switching
160.47Smithville Subdivision - Houston to Smithville
160.77Spring Terminal - Dispatcher
160.875Spring Terminal - Dispatcher
160.995Spring Terminal - Dispatcher
160.605Tarrant Ethanol
160.8Toyah Subdivision - Sweetwater to Pecos Siding
161.055Waco Subdivision - Waco Junction to Smithville
160.47Waco Subdivision - Waco Junction to Smithville Junction
161.145West Mineola Yard

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Union Pacific Railroad Information

Union Pacific Railroad is a freight hauling railroad that operates 8,500 locomotives over 32,100 route-miles in 23 states west of Chicago and New Orleans. The Union Pacific Railroad system is the second largest in the United States after the BNSF Railway and is one of the world's largest transportation companies. The Union Pacific Railroad is the principal operating company of the Union Pacific Corporation (NYSE UNP); both are headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. Union Pacific is known for pioneering multiple innovative locomotives, typically the most powerful of their era.