Union Pacific Railroad Scanner Frequencies in Utah

reporting mark: UP
railroad class: Class I Railroad

There are currently 53 Union Pacific Railroad radio scanner frequencies from Utah in our database.

Frequency Description
160.485Cache Valley Subdivsion - Cache Junction to Preston, ID
160.515Caliente Subdivison - Lund to Las Vegas
160.74Caliente Subdivison - Milford to Lund
160.32Cane Creek Subdivison - Brendel to Potash
457.9Cane Creek Subdivison - Moab Station
160.515Cedar City Subdivision - Lund to Cedar City
160.515Evanston Subdivision - Green River, WY to Cecil Junction, UT
161.445Evanston Subdivision - Ogden Yard
160.23Evanston Subdivision - Ogden Yard Switching
160.38Evanston Subdivision - Ogden Yard Switching
160.71Evanston Subdivision - Ogden Yard Switching
160.8Evanston Subdivision - Ogden Yard Switching
160.965Evanston Subdivision - Ogden Yard Switching
161.115Evanston Subdivision - Ogden Yard Switching
161.445Evanston Subdivision - Ogden Yard Switching
160.92Green River Subdivision - Helper, UT to Green River, CO
161.235Green River Subdivision - PBX
160.32Green River Subdivision - Sunnyside Industrial Lead
160.47Lakeside Subdivision - Alazon to Elko
161.55Lakeside Subdivision - Alazon to Elko
161.55Lakeside Subdivision - Cecil Junction to Alazon, NV
160.74Lakeside Subdivision - Elko Yard
160.515Lakeside Subdivision - Ogden Yard
160.515Lynndyl Subdivison - East Milford to Milford
160.695Lynndyl Subdivison - Salt Lake City to Smelter
160.74Lynndyl Subdivison - Smelter to East Milford
160.485Malad Subdivison - Brigham City to Malad, ID
160.515Ogden Subdivision - Cecil Junction to Randall
160.485Ogden Subdivision - Randall to McCammon, ID
160.32Pleasant Valley Subdivision - Colton to Scofield
160.92Provo Subdivision - General operations
161.46Provo Subdivision - General operations
160.455Provo Subdivision - Helper to Ironton
160.74Provo Subdivision - Ironton to Midvale
160.965Provo Subdivision - Midvale to Grant Tower
161.235Provo Subdivision - PBX
160.245Provo Subdivision - Provo Yard
161.13Provo Subdivision - Roper Yard
161.22Provo Subdivision - Roper Yard
161.415Provo Subdivision - Roper Yard
161.49Provo Subdivision - Roper Yard
160.41Salt Lake Subdivision - Clearfield Switching
160.71Salt Lake Subdivision - Little Mountain Swtiching
160.965Salt Lake Subdivision - North Salt Lake to Salt Lake City
160.23Salt Lake Subdivision - North Yard
160.38Salt Lake Subdivision - North Yard
160.68Salt Lake Subdivision - North Yard
160.71Salt Lake Subdivision - North Yard
160.8Salt Lake Subdivision - North Yard
160.515Salt Lake Subdivision - Ogden to North Salt Lake
160.665Salt Lake Subdivision - Salt Lake Intermodal
160.47Shafter Subdivision - Smelter to Alazon
160.74Sharp Subvision - Provo to Lynndyl

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Union Pacific Railroad Information

Union Pacific Railroad is a freight hauling railroad that operates 8,500 locomotives over 32,100 route-miles in 23 states west of Chicago and New Orleans. The Union Pacific Railroad system is the second largest in the United States after the BNSF Railway and is one of the world's largest transportation companies. The Union Pacific Railroad is the principal operating company of the Union Pacific Corporation (NYSE UNP); both are headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. Union Pacific is known for pioneering multiple innovative locomotives, typically the most powerful of their era.